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October 19, 2018 - Friday

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Malek-o Tojar Antique Hotel

Malek- o Tojar Antique Hotel is an ancient mansion once belonged to a man named Hajj Ali Askar Shirazi one of the well-known business men whose title "Malek-o Tojjar" best owed by Naser Al Din Shah, a king of Qajar dynasty due to his trustworthy. His descendants of four generations lived in this house. A narrow alley enjoying high walls is the entrance. The various rooms of the...

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Fahadan Museum  Hotel is situated in an old mansion known as the Tehraniha house which belongs to Qajar era.The Tehrani family as carpet traders lived in this house above 250 years ago. The beauty and the magnificence of the building caused it to be used as the economic consul office of some European countries such as France and Germany in the past. Recently the building has been nominated...

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Mehr Traditional Hotel & Restaurant This hotel is an age old mansion known as Yazdi Zargar's (jeweler). House date back to the Qajar era, above 250 years ago.The landlord was one of Iranian jewelry merchants. Mehr is the first and the only Iranian hotel being awarded an honorary prize by UNESCO and the second receiving a quality certificate from SGS. This building is the biggest...

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Lab-e Khandaq Historical Hotel is located in an ancient mansion known as Tayyebi house in Lab-e-Khandaq neighborhood. The building's date, back to the late Qajar era and is close to Qiam Avenue and the ancient Bazaars. This hotel is also in the vicinity to Mehr hotel. The building enjoys a main courtyard, an orangery, a wind catcher, a traditional hall and a roof connected to some other...

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Abolmaali restaurant

Abul Maali Traditional Restaurant: Abul Maali traditional bath house has been converted for this purpose. The bath enjoying the antiquity of the Qajar era was used up to 40 years ago. It includes intact vestibule entrance stairways, various basins for hot and cold water, heated pool, bed room, dais and the hot house indicating Qajar architecture. The inauguration of this bath as a traditional...

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The city of Yazd is the first to be entirely built of adobe .It survived the intact devastation being tagged as the most uniform historical context of the world.
750 hectares of this wonderland is filled with picturesque adobe buildings depicting the long history of the diligent people who thrived on this plateau, now these magnificent buildings have been renovated and converted to hotels. They all recall the boom years of the civilization, whispering the story to their posterity.
Manipulating the historical contexts and the existing potentials, Mehr chain hotel's management has commenced renovating the historical heritages and converting them into hotels, bringing about a great change in the improvement of the tourist industry.
We have made every endeavor in order to regeneratethe historical heritage through families especially those who take up residence in Kavir (salt desert).
One of our main goals is establishing a link between the present and the old generations so that we can put the younger generation in contact with the cultural offerings, familial relationship, household appliances and above all, the authentic Iranian identity.
To achieve our goal, we have a long way to go, however, we press on regardless. Having ten different tourist agencies and hotels under the management of Mehr chain hotels' manager attempts to create a safe haven for you where you can store a sweet memory for ever.
We hope our attempt will bring a welcoming change in your life and make you feel joy.


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